This year the engineering students focused on the application of engineering concepts.  Using technology, math, and scientific ideas and following the engineering process the engineering students have worked on several projects including:

  • Model of a Self sustainable home.  You can use the barcodes to learn a little bit about some of the house components.   

    • Designing a home for COVID times: Parker 

    • Roof: Logan 

    • House Construction: Nils and Michael 

    • House Construction: Allie and Maeve

    • Furniture: Ben, Doreen, Cade

    • Landscape and grey water treatment: Thomas and Andrew 

    • Garage: Daniel 

    • Car: Ethan

    • Insulation: Will and Evan 

    • Paint: Jack and Doreen 

    • Floors: Skyler and Evan

    • Wiring and lighting: Nils and Michael 

    • Solar power: Cason and JC 

    • 3D Design: Omar 

    • Bathroom intelligent toilet: Luke

  • Electric Guitar: Nils and Mathew 

  • Trombone: Michael 

  • Christmas Tree: Logan 

  • Motorized Chair: Connor and Jacob

  • Hover Board: Allie

  • Mechanical design and craftsmanship: Several students in the class

Honors World History Projects

Honors World History

All freshmen are assigned to research a historical topic of their choice and develop a complex argument that is supported by evidence found during the research process. This rigorous assignment is done for both their English and History classes. The products of the assignment include an well-argued research essay for English class and their choice of project for World History. These projects can be documentaries, music videos, websites, magazines, or mock museum exhibits with homemade artifacts. It is the museum exhibits that are featured here. Students were tasked with communicating their research and argument with images and descriptions. These include unique, hand-made artifacts that supplement the information on the board. The ones featured on this display are some of the best of this year's submissions. 

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